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Ongoing Research

Date: 11.11.2020

1. Prof.(Dr.) Sumanta Sarkar,  Dr. Seshadri Sekhar Chatterjee, Dr. Md Rahiul Islam- Parental depression, anxiety, and caregiver burden among parents of thalassemia children in COVID situation

2. Dr. Seshadri Sekhar Chatterjee - Prevalence of mixed features in patients with First episode depression

3. Dr. Tapan Kumar Mandal – Prevalence of HIV Seropositivity, Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C infections among Thalassemia children in a tertiary care hospital

4. Dr. Parama Sengupta & Prof. (Dr.) Tania Sur – Assessment of drug prescribing patterns of junior doctors in Out Patient Department (OPD) settings in a tertiary care government medical college & hospital using WHO/INRUD code drug use indicators

Date: 13.08.2020

1. Dr. Anirban Chatterjee & Dr. Jaya Banerjee – Quality of life, Associated peripheral neuropathy and renal function among adult leprosy patients in an endemic district of West Bengal

2. Dr. Debdutta Halder, Dr. Subhrajyoti Naskar & Dr. Somok Majumder- First year MBBS Medical Students and COVID-19 Knowledge, Attitudes and Practice A Descriptive study from Medical College of West Bengal

3. Dr. Debdutta Halder, Dr. Subhrajyoti Naskar & Dr. Anirban Chatterjee – Perception of medical students towards online learning during COVID pandemic in a tertiary care medical college of West Bengal

4. Dr. Purba Mukherjee – A study on seroprevalence and clinico epidemiological presentations of Scrub Typhus among acute febrile illness cases attending a peripheral tertiary care hospital of West Bengal

5. Dr. Pramathadhip Paul – Evaluation of the role of evaluate Cytokine level in disease progression and estimate of detectable Antibody titre in the convalescent plasma in moderate to severe Covid-19 infection

6. Dr. Protik Mondal – Rationale of use of Covid Antigen Test as a point of care test and correlation with result of RT-PCR in patients attending tertiary hospital in West Bengal

7. Dr. Sandip Roy Basunia - Comparing the effect of Airway nebulisation with Ropivacaine (0.75%) Versus Lignocaine (4%) on Intubation and Extubation Responses in patients undergoing surgery under General Anaesthesia

8. Dr. Joyeeta Mondal , Dr. Keka Mondal & Prof. (Dr.) Somajita Chakraborty – Fetomaternal outcome in asymptomatic COVID-19 positive pregnant women at term and RTPCR status of baby in a tertiary medical college

9. Dr. Ritu Raj, Dr. Keka Mondal, Prof. (Dr.) Somajita Chakraborty and Dr. Manas Kumar Saha- Implentation and benefits of office endometrial sampling using MVA syringe in a new Tertiary Health Centre during COVID-19 pandemic

10. Dr. Arghya Das- Zygomatic foramen an anatomical study in Eastern India population with clinical importance

11. Dr. Sanchita Roy-Establishment of Clinical genetics laboratory and screening of Genetic disorders among pregnant women and new born at DHGMCH


Date: 26.05.2020

1.Dr. Amrita Chakraborty, Demonstrator / Clinical Tutor, Dept. of Psychiatry:

·         An online survey into healthcare providers’ mental health during Corona pandemic-a follow up study

2.Dr. Anjana Bose (Ghosh Dastidar),Associate Professor, Dept. of Anesthesiology: 

·         Thyroid surgery under cervical plexus block-case series an observational study

3.Dr. Arghya Das, Demonstrator, Dept. of Anatomy:

·         Evaluation of prescribing pattern for diabetic patients in a peripheral medical college hospital in West Bengal

4.Dr. Nita Ray, Tutor, Dept. of Obs. & Gynea:

·         Postpartum depression and its association with maternal anaemia and hidden bipolarity among inpatients of Obstetrics department.

·         The awareness & acceptance of injectable contraceptive (DMPA injection) in a peripheral Medical College & Hospital of West Bengal, India

5.Dr. Panchali Dutta, Demontrator, Dept. of Anatomy:

·         An anatomical study on morphometry, anatomical variations & applied importance of sacral hiatus & sacrul Canal in the state of West Bengal.

6.Dr. Sanjana Halder, Associate Professor, Dept. of Obs. Gynea :

·         Retrospective study on maternal & foetal outcome and birth complications of teenage pregnancy in a tertiary medical college

7.Dr. Seshadri Sekhar Chatterjee, Assistant Professor, Dept. of Psychiatry:

·         Effect on ECG  & metabolic parameters of antipsychotics among patients coming to psychiatry OPD in a tertiary care hospital

·         Attitude to tele-consultation among practicing psychiatrist in India.

·         Stress and sleep difficulty of healthcare workers during the early phase of COVID-19 outbreak in India.

·         Stress, sexual life and quality of life during COVID-19 pandemic

·         Psychological impact of Amphan cyclone in among survivors of affected regions of West Bengal

·         Development and validation of COVID related anxiety scale for India(CASI)

·         Prediction of geriatric depression and suicidality among aged people in India: A machine learning based approach in psychiatry

·         Lipid correlates of impulsivity in geriatric depression in a tertiary care hospital

·         Clinical Characteristics, Lipid correlates, uric acid level and impulsivity in suicide attempters in a tertiary care hospital

·         Attitude, practice and psychological effects among suspected COVID patients during COVID 19 pandemic

8. Dr. Souvik Sama Mal, Assistant professor, Dept. of Ophthalmology

·         Effect of COVID 19 pandemic on behavioral health, sleep and quality of life of ophthalmologists in Eastern India

·         Correlation of Diabetic retinopathy and major depressive disorder among elderly patients in a tertiary care hospital

·         Change of visual contrast sensitivity in major depressive disorder patients

·         Doctor-patient communication skill assessment among ophthalmologist of different medical college of West Bengal

·         Assessment of empathy among ophthalmologist in West Bengal

.         Study of sexual behavior among visually handicapped.