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Rules & Regulations

General Rules and regulations for Hostel's Girls, Boys, Interns Residents of Diamond Harbour Government Medical College and Hospital, Diamond Harbour
Hostellers are expected to know rules and regulations pertaining to the hostels of DHGMCH and abide by the same. It is expected that the students will display an acceptable form of behaviour, maintain discipline and decorum in the hostels.
1. Hostellers will submit full details of home address, contact number, Email ID and specimen signature of guardian and local
guardian along with the required declaration from parent/ guardian and local guardian. In case there is a change in the details of the Local Guardian or any changes to contact details of the Hosteller, the same should be intimated to the Hostel Superintendent within 48hours for updation of records.
2. Allotment of the seats in the hostels will be made as per the policy of the institution (permanent resident address should be
more the 40 km from the institution). If the student does not avail the offered seat within the stipulated period they will forfeit any
claim for the hostel accommodation. A Student who once reseves his / her seat by paying the fee for hostel accommodaiton, will
not be elligible for refund if he/ she chooses not to stay in the hostel.
3. Hostelles are forebideen to keep and use high voltage electrical gadgets like TV, Fridge, heater immersion rod/ induction
cooker, iron, etc. If these articles are found in the room they will be confistiscated and a fine will be imposed for violation of the
4. Smoking, use of tobaco products and possession, distribution and consumptionof alcohol and illicit drugs is strictly forbidden within Hostel and Hospital premises and incase any such incidence is found, it will lead to expulsion from Hostel.
5. Ragging, bullying, sexual abuse, sexual harassment of any kind is a very serious offence. Students are warned that involve-
ment in such callous and unethical behaviour might lead to rusticaion from the college.
6. Boys are not allowed in the Girls' hostel at any time and  under any circumstances except the visitor's room. Likewise girls' are not
allowed in the Boy's hostel at any time except the visitor's room.
7. Students are not expected to leave hostel before 6 AM and should be back in their hostel rooms by 7 P.M. If because of some valid reason, students are expected to be late to return to the college, He/ She must obtain proper permission in advance from the hostel
superintendent/ caretaker and the same must be produced to the security guard on returning to the hostel before signing the late register.
8. Mobile phones and valuable, including laptops kept in the hostel are at students' own reponsibility and risk and the authorities
will not be reponsible for any loss or damae to the same.
9. No vendor or delivery person (including, food delivery boy, distributors of online purchase/ packaged water distributors) will
be allowed in the hostel premises (only allowed outside hostel premises). Violation of the same will lead to disciplinary action.
10. The hostellers are responsible for the furniture, fixtures and wquipment provided in the room from the end of college
authority. Hostellers are not permitted to remove the furniture of fixtures from the room. They are also not allowed to bring addi-
tional furniture without prior permission ofr the hostel superintendent.
11. Hostellers are expected to maintain their rooms, bathrooms and corridors neat and clean. They will not write on doors, walls
of the hostel. Their rooms may be inspected checked by the hostel supeintendent/ hostel authorities at any time, withour prior
notice. Students are expected to cooperate with the authority in this regard.
12. Vandallism (willful destruction of college property) is a serious offence. Hostellers found guilty will be charged for all the
damages caudes.
13. Every hosteller must take care to swich off the lights and fan when lewaving the room. Similarly, he / she will take care to close
the taps to avoid any undue water wastage. It is expected that he /she imbibes the habit of conserving electricity and water in the
greater interest of the institute and the nation.
14. At the end of the vacation if the hosteller neither returns to the hostel within two weeks nor seeks permission to join late, his
I her claim for the hostel accommodation will be terminated. The room may be allotted to another student. Room changes are
allowed only after autorization by hostel superintendent.
15. During college hours when hostellers are supposed to attend the lectures. Practical classes, hospital posting, field visit or
other assignments they will not remain in the hostels without any valid reason. Violation of the rules will lead to disciplinary action.
16. Hostellers must dine in the canteen. The should be in proper attire and maintain the decorum. Plate / bowls/ cutleries etc.should not be carried into the hostel rooms.
17. Signing in and out register is must. Students must carry their College identity Cards at all times and show,it to security
guards. whe ver asked.
1. Day scholars / friend l guests / parents/ local guardians/ any other visitor are not allowed to enter / stay in the hosel room with
the boarde.
2. Outside the visiting hours (5.00 pm-7.00 pm) visitors (day scholars friends l guests / parentts guardians / local guardian) are
not allowed in the hosel premises (visiting room).

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