DHGMC - Diamond Harbour Government Medical College & Hospital

Diamond Harbour Government Medical College & Hospital

Harindanga, Newtown, Diamond Harbour, || South 24 Parganas, PIN: 743331


College Council

College Council Committee of Diamond Harbour Govt. Medical College & Hospital is hereby reconstituted with the following members. The committee will start its function immediately after issuance of this order.


  1. Prof (Dr) Utpal Dan, Principal, DHGMCH                                                                               : Chairperson
  2. Dr.Tanmay Kanti Panja, MSVP, DHGMCH                                                                                  : Member
  3. Prof (Dr) Subhra Mandal Dean of student Affairs & HOD, Dept. of Anatomy, DHGMCH            : Member
  4. Prof (Dr) Mallika Biswas, HOD, Dept. of Biochemistry, DHGMCH                                                     : Member
  5. Prof (Dr) Nirmal Kumar Mondal, HOD, Dept of Community Medicine, DHGMCH                              : Member
  6. Prof (Dr) Siddhartha Das, HOD, Dept. of Physiology, DHGMCH                                                      : Member
  7. Prof (Dr) Tania Sur (Kundu) HOD, Dept. of Pharmacology, DHGMCH                                             : Member
  8. Dr. Arabinda Chatterjee, Assistant Professor & HOD, Dept. of FSM, DHGMCH                                : Member                      
  9. Prof (Dr) Santanu Saha, HOD, Dept. of General Medicine, DHGMCH                                              : Member
  10. Prof (Dr) Sumantra Sarkar, HOD, Dept. of Paediatrics, DHGMCH                                                    : Member
  11. Prof (Dr.) Sujit Kr. Bhattacharya HOD, Dept. of TB & RD, DHGMCH                                                 : Member
  12. Dr. Mahimanjan Saha, Assistant Professor & HOD, Dept. of Dermatology, DHGMCH                       : Member
  13. Dr. Seshadri Sekhar Chatterjee, Assistant Professor & HOD, Dept. of Psychiatry, DHGMCH           : Member
  14. Prof (Dr) Madhumita Mukhopadhyay, HOD, Dept. of General Surgery, DHGMCH                             : Member
  15. Prof (Dr.) Arunangsu Bhattacharyya,  HOD, Dept. of Orthopaedics, DHGMCH                                 : Member
  16. Prof (Dr.) Debdulal Chakraborty, HOD, Dept. of ENT, DHGMCH                                                      : Member
  17. Prof (Dr.) Rakhi Bandyopadhyay, HOD, Dept. of Ophthalmology, DHGMCH                                    : Member
  18. Prof (Dr) Somajita Chakraborty, HOD, Dept. of Gyne & Obs., DHGMCH                                         : Member
  19. Prof (Dr.) Rita Halder (Dasgupta), HOD, Dept. of Anaesthesiology, DHGMCH                                 : Member
  20. Prof (Dr.) Abhiram Chakrabarti, HOD, Dept. of Radio Diagnosis, DHGMCH                                    : Member
  21. Dr. Nilanjan Paty, Deputy Superintendent, DHGMCH                                                                   : Member
  22. Dr.Seema Mondal Associate Professor & HOD, Dept. of Pathology, DHGMCH                                : Member
  23. Dr.Shiv Sekhar Chatterjee, Associate Professor & HOD, Dept. of Microbilogy, DHGMCH                : Member
  24. Dr.Arka Kanti Dey, Dental Surgeon cumClinical Tutor, Dept. of Dentistry, DHGMCH                        : Member
  25. The Assistant Engineer, PHE, Diamond Harbour Division                                                                 : Member
  26. The Assistant Engineer, PWD (Civil), Diamond Harbour                                                               : Member
  27. The Assistant Engineer, PWD (Electric), Diamond Harbour Division                                            : Member
  28. The Assistant Engineer, WBMSCL                                                                                               : Member
  29. Mr. Raju Mondal, Store Inchare, DHGMCH                                                                                    : Member
  30. Mr. Tirthankar Dutta, Accounts officer, DHGMCH                                                                           : Member
  31. Mr. Suprim Saha, Assistant Superintendent (NM Gr-I), DHGMCH                                                    : Member
  32. Mr. Rudranil Guchait, Assistant Superintendent (NM Gr-II), DHGMCH                                             : Member
  33. Mr. Sahanujjaman Molla, Librarian, DHGMCH                                                                               : Member
  34. Mr. Nirupam Mondal, Upper Division Clerk, DHGMCH                                                                     : Member



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